Saturday, October 29, 2011

Tapestry conference!

I just got back from a super-fun day at the IBC conference. It was so fun getting to meet and talk with people who are trying to be equipped as they can be to nurture and support the children in their home, whether they arrived there via adoption, foster care (or biology :)). If you came here from there - welcome! I have lots of things I'd like to post... later. Speaking gets me jazzed about posting but obviously I haven't been very jazzed lately. I'm planning to post info. on age specific sensory issues, sensory issues specific to international adoption, foster care and domestic adoption, as well as tips and tools for home, public, school and homework. I'd also love to cover any questions and am going to post about making your own weighted blanket (just need to try it out first). Now... to go play with my kids - it's too pretty out.

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